Smile your on camera!

CABvue™ is an in-cab video platform we designed with drivers and riders that offers a new level of enhanced security and fun for our riders and drivers and general public too. CABvue was designed with two processes, one for security and the other for entertainment. For security, it helps to prevent or curb most criminal activity against drivers and riders we seen for all too long like, assault, robbery, car jacking, theft and including to record automatically when a traffic incident or accident happens.

Our solution solves this problem by adding technology before the ride, during the ride and after the ride against the driving & riding public by publicly sharing the video. The video service provides a deterrent to help prevent crime and also knowing the videos are live helps with the deterrent factor. Its why we developed it, because we’re drivers too and sat in both seats. The live video images are meant for personal security, insurance purposes, and law enforcement purposes. The video recording are stored for each ride and provided publicly for upto 24 hours max or can be downloaded from your account profile.

Not only CABvue was developed to help with security, but to add a little fun and entertainment while your traveling to your destination. Who doesn’t want to have laugh while getting somewhere? CABvue is where you can stream live content 🎥 to your family or friends or even your viewers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Twitch or do Backseat 💺 Caraoke 🎤 Live!  A new platform to grow and share with your followers on the platforms you love, or Sing-My-Ride-Away! and let the public vote if you should pay or the sponsors should pay the fare..

Note: This feature may not be offered by every driver on the network. Check the map to see, who has it, and select it or take a ride to see.

How it works:

CABvue is an integrated video & audio service that has one sound microphone for audio recordings, and two HD 1080Mb cameras integrated into our CABeacon™ dashboard display. [See: Picture above for camera & mic location] Below is a quick overview of how it works..

Front Camera

CABvue has two HD 1080Mb cameras integrated, one facing towards the front end of the driver’s vehicle that records while the vehicle is in any of the 4 modes listed below. The front camera was mainly build in mind for two purposes, to record traffic accidents, incidents, or citations when they happen, and for entertainment as a way to see what our drivers sees as they commute along the miles of roads they drive daily. Anyone can see what the driver’s view is like by clicking on any car on the map with camera icon on it and you’ll see live what the driver sees. And, if and when an accident does happen, the app will automatically keep the first 3 mins leading up to the accident and continue to recording until the driver is logged off and it automatically send us a copy, the driver a copy, and at the request of the law enforcement and/or the insurance companies their copies.

  1. Transit Mode: Driver enroute to pick up or drop off a rider and/or package[s] [food/pets/meds/alcohol].
  2. Wait Mode: Driver is Parked and waiting for rides to populate on the platform.
  3. Hunt Mode: Driver is Driving around and waiting for rides to populate on the platform.
  4. Sentry Mode: The vehicle is parked overnight,, the camera is recording in stealth [no red light blinking] for up to 12 hrs.
  • The general public has access to this feed, by pressing on any vehicle with a camera icon on the map, watch and follow along to see where the driver is going next?
  • The driver and riders have access to the feed in their account for upto 24 hours, after 24 hours the video is permanently deleted forever.
  • Both feeds or the device itself can not be turned off manually [there’s only a power button to turn ON not OFF], the device powers off, when the driver is logged off the platform, and the device will automatically power down/off. [Power ON button is to turn-on and connect CABeacon to the driver’s smart device]

Rear Camera

The rear facing passenger compartment camera is a safe way to keep the community secure, but also where the magic happens. The times we live in now, where calls for measure like this, are designed to keep our drivers safe and keep you – our riders secure is our mission. CABvue is designed to help keep your ride secure and fun at the same time. It’s why we developed it, so you can share with your family, friends, and followers on social ‘Where am at?’.. or Sing-My-Ride-Away! – a cool way to get a free ride while having fun. Note: This feature is only offered – when you select a driver with this feature, not every driver will have this feature on the platform.


Share: Riders can stream live content to their followers on social – check the app to connect if available in your location. Show them ‘Where am I?’

Record: Download the video and edit the way you like it and share.

Backseat 💺 Caraoke 🎤 Live!

Backseat 💺 Caraoke 🎤 Live! is a cool and funny way to get a FURE ride without watching the ads.. just Sing-My-Ride-Away and the public gets sees what vocal chops you got and decides if you should pay for the ride or the sponsor pays. Y’all never know who might be famous watching..

  • Backseat Sing-My-Ride-Away! – App will ask you – if you want a ‘Fure ride- watch the ads’ or ‘Sing-My-Ride-Away!’ and follow along on the app to sing.
  • The general public has access to this feed, by pressing on any vehicle with a camera icon on the map, watch and follow along to see where the rider is going?

Note: Some states/ local regulations – requires the dashboard display to be removed when the driver is not active on the platform, failure to remove display, may result in a  fine or citation. The driver app will notify you based on your geolocation.


  • Select vehicles and ride types offered on the App, may change at any time due to elements beyond our control.
  • Some vehicles offered with this feature may not be available in select regions including in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

CABvue is a Trademark of FURE Technologie, Inc. CABeacon is a Trademark of FURE Technologies, Inc. Sing-My-Ride-Away! is a Servicemark of FURE Technologies, Inc. Backseat 💺 Caraoke 🎤 Live! is a Servicemark of FURE Technologies, Inc.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF