Chariot Climate

Control your Chariot's climate and mood

Climate & Mood is about you being in the best environment before your ride picks you up.

You can have these options set when ordering one ride or set for seasonal rides:

  • Windows can be set- fully open, half open, slightly open or fully closed.
  • Air conditioning can be set- cold, warm, or hot – based on outdoor temps.
  • Heated seats can be set- warm, warmer, or hot. (when available for rear or front seat)
  • Cooled seats can be set- cool, cold, or coldest. (when available for rear or front seat)
  • Convertible Top can be set- open or closed. (when available)


  • Select vehicles and ride types offered on the App, may change at any time due to elements beyond our control.
  • Some vehicles offered with these options may not be available in select regions including in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Based on your cell phone location and market, the FURE app will display the driver’s actual vehicle at the time of sign up.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF