Driver’s Bill of Rights

Driver’s Bill of Rights is a human right to travel uninterrupted, unimpeded and free.

  • To accept services at any point in time without delay.
  • Refuse and stop services at any point, before or during the ride, for safety reasons.
  • Refuse and stop services if the passenger[s] become unruly, abusive or assaulting.
  • A rider who is safe and courteous and obeys all state, local, federal (and/or military) laws.
  • Refuse services if the destination/ pickup is unsafe, or it’s a long route/ commute.
  • Drive to any destination as requested via the FURE app., or
  • Take the most direct route to the riders destination or follow the route of your choice.
  • Maintain a state issued drivers license in good standing with state’s DMV.
  • Passengers maintain a clean passenger compartment upon entering, during the ride and upon removing items or exiting the vehicle.
  • Report and collect compensation for any passenger compartment or rear seat spoilage from human waste or food.
  • Request to adjust the heat, air-conditioning and radio (verbal control).
  • Use electronic toll devices/ responders in (E-ZPass) lanes and pay the discounted (E-ZPass) toll rate (if avail.).
  • Ability to accept fare payment after the termination of the ride thru the app.
  • Decide whether to rate riders and leave a comment thru the app.
  • Clean air, free of smoke and scent (app will display optional smoking).
  • A quiet trip without road rage, or verbal language.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF