e911 Emergency

Direct e911/e112/e999 dispatch is an in-app e911 emergency service that provides direct access to 911 emergency services thru a press of the button before, during & after the ride for both riders and drivers.

For both riders and drivers, e911 can be used to communicate directly thru a voice call or thru silent text messaging and can geolocate your location to emergency personnel enroute.

For drivers, there is unique feature similar to a Bank’s “panic button”, once pressed it will geolocate your location to emergency personnel enroute.

Knowledge: Emergency number to call..

  • 911 – US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina  (Select country/ regions E911 isn’t fully deployed yet)
  • 112 – European Union (Select country/ regions E112 isn’t fully deployed yet)
  • 999 – United Kingdom (Select cities & regions E999 isn’t fully deployed yet)
  • 190 – Brasil (Select cities & regions E190 isn’t fully deployed yet)
  • 123 – Columbia (Select cities & regions E123 isn’t fully deployed yet)


  • Direct e911 dispatch on the App may change at any time due to cellphone geolocation & cell tower signal.
  • The e911 service may not work in all locations and may not be available in select regions including in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Based on your cell phone location and market, the FURE app will display either “e911” (w/ geolocation) or “911” (w/o geolocation) button automatically.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF