Fure Ride

Fure ride is what all people want, but how you get that fure ride is the magic behind in what we do.

“Fure rides” are zero cost rides, you as a rider don’t pay, our advertisers pay the total fare, fees and if any tolls. The only cost to rider is the tip* at the end of the ride when you exit the vehicle.

If the rider doesn’t view the ads or answers the ads while enroute, the ride will be pro-rated and the rider will be charged from the start when the rider eyes wasn’t viewing the screen until the end of the ride. Pro Tip: Watch all of the ads and answer the questions at the end of each ad so you don’t get charged for the ride.

  • Fure rides can be picked up anywhere, except airports. [Airports launch soon.]
  • Fure rides can travel minimum of 1 mile and upto 20 miles or minimum of 3 minutes or upto 20 minutes. [Rides over 20+ miles/min launch soon.]
  • Fure rides can carry a maximum of 4 people + driver. [Large groups launch soon.]
  • Fure rides can carry a maximum of 1 service animal and 3 people. [more than 1 service animal use FURE Pets]

*To learn more, visit About us and why we started FURE.


  • Based on your cell phone location and market, “fure rides” and “pay fare” are common in select markets and regions in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF