Live from my Ride™

Live from my Ride™ is a unique service for influencers to showcase their programming with their followers. A cool way for influencers and the community to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, live from my ride.

Live from my Ride are specific vehicles on the network that have professional audio/video equipment installed and setup in select metro markets – Philly, NYC, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Phoenix, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more to come. Rides can be 10 mins long or a predetermined route with the driver’s consent.

Each vehicle outfitted on the network will feature a professional full 4K- 7 camera POV – Interior shots: 1-Main Head, 1 & 2-Quarter vue, 1-Side vue, and Exterior shots: 1-Forward & 1-Rear angled, 1-Live Production Controller w/ 1-USB drive backup port, 2-Area microphones and 1-Feed monitor. All recordings can be pre-recorded or beamed live from your smart phone or wireless device.


  • All video & audio recordings, of events and/or presentations in any/all media formats are the sole property of the rider.
  • FURE has the right to add its on-screen during recordings, it’s a watermark/ logo on the bottom right of the screen.


  • This feature/vehicle will automatically be displayed on the App, it may change at any time due to elements beyond our control.
  • Some vehicles offered may not be available in select regions including in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF