Fure offers our drivers options to maintain their vehicle for the road ahead.

It’s what we do.

Vehicle Health Is Job One

Some vehicles are made with 4,000 parts or $4,000 in labor to repair.

Maintenance plans that keep you moving down the road.

Services include


                  • Oil/Filter Change [OFC]
                  • Tire Repair or Replace [TFF]
                  • Car Wash Service [CWS]
                  • Deep Clean Interior [DCI]

Plans shown below are typical cost for mid-size family sedan. Vehicles smaller or larger will effect payment costs.

Based on vehicles less than 5 yrs old and perform 5k mile oil change intervals.

Plan VMS-A1

Drive <10k miles per year

2 Oil/ Filter Changes

1 Tire: Repair

24 Washes: 2x a month

1 Deep Clean Service

Plan VMS-B2

Drive >20k miles per year

4 Oil/ Filter Changes

2 Tire: Repair

36 Washes: 3x a month

2 Deep Clean Service

Plan VMS-C3

Drive >30k miles per year

6 Oil/ Filter Changes

3 Tire: 2 Repair / 1 Replace

48 Washes 4x a month

3 Deep Clean Service

Plan VMS-D4

Drive >40k miles per year

8 Oil/ Filter Changes

4 Tire: 3 Repair / 2 Replace

60 Washes: 5x a month

4 Deep Clean Service

Due Per Day






Due Per Month





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Yeah, its great, No worries paying for it, it’s all on the app. Simple and easy pay options πŸ’ͺ🏽 

What options πŸ”­??

Pay a percentage after a ride πŸ‘‹ or the end of the day πŸ•” or pick a day πŸ“…

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