Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure is about you getting there in a safe manner with our drivers having the latest vehicles with the latest vehicle safety features. Driving for us is 100% about safety foremost with our riders and drivers. We keep tabs on our driver’s vehicles, so they have more time for the things they need with family and keep our riders safe while driving down the road.

Here’s our five point list of vehicle requirements, driver’s must pass before driving for us. If the vehicle isn’t up to our standards, with the local authority or with state standards. That vehicle cant work for us, but we’ll help with drivers to get them on the road.

Driver’s Five point vehicle requirement:

  • Vehicles less than 10 years old (from the date of the drivers application)
  • Pass – Rideshare & Livery Vehicle Requirements (as required per regulation/law)
  • Pass – State Vehicle Safety Inspection (as required per regulation/law)
  • Pass – State Vehicle Emission Test/ Inspection (as required per regulation/law)
  • Pass – 100-pt. Vehicle Safety Check Reporting (historical vehicle issues/ accidents/ recalls/ etc.)


  • Based on your cell phone location and market, the FURE app will display the driver’s actual vehicle at the time of sign up.
  • Some vehicles offered may not be available in select regions including in the US, EU, SA, SEA, ME & LATAM.
  • Check the FURE app for your market rates and options.

REV. 1.0-12/30/20-RF