Why a FURE ride is a clean ride.

We take riding in a clean car seriously, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented policies in place to prevent the spread of the virus to drivers and riders. EVERY RIDE is wiped down, including ALL touch-points the rider touches from interior and exterior door handles, door lock & window buttons to the seat belts and seats. Everything is wiped down between rides period

We work with every Local, State, and Federal agencies including Transportation, Health, and Labor to implement policies to keep the riding and driving public safe from the spread of Covid-19. Our biggest policy to keep the spread low is requiring all drivers and riders to wear-a-mask prior to entering the vehicle, during a ride with or without other passengers, and while exiting the vehicle.

Both the driver and rider are required to an in-app response [popup message] if the driver or rider is or isn’t wearing a mask as required prior to pick up. If the driver isn’t wearing a mask or takes off their mask during the ride, the driver will be docked pay for the ride or terminated permanently under the “three strikeout rule”. If the rider isn’t wearing a mask or takes off their mask during the ride, the rider’s ride will terminate on-the-spot and they will exit the vehicle in a safe location, any and all access to the platform will be terminated permanently under the “three strikeout rule”. This policy will be strictly enforced once alerted on the app and platform.

These policies will be reviewed every quarter (every 3 months) or as officially required to meet or exceed local, state, and federal guidelines, regulations, and laws to keep the traveling public safe. Any and all updates will be transmitted to all drivers and riders once any new updates or policies have revised or implemented.

5 simple steps our drivers do for a clean FURE ride.

We use Clorox™ Wipes to clean every touchpoint before you ride. [Clorox brand is owned and operated by The Clorox Company, there is no affiliation with FURE Technologies]

Step 1.

Wipe down ALL interior and exterior door handles.

Step 2.

Wipe down ALL seats and seat belts.

Step 3.

Wipe down ALL door lock and window buttons.

Step 4.

Wipe down ALL windows and door panels.

Step 5.

If available, Wipe down the in-cabin plastic partition.


Start at Step 1, for the next ride.