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Deaf dad to taxi twins and wife's daily kickstand
-Boy Scout, Racecar Nerd & House Chef...
Tech buff - If it makes my life easier- why not.
Audiophile - Good music is good for the soul.
Astrophysics - Are you sure we live alone?
Geek - Just straight-up geek for toys.
Serial Entrepretunist - Good hard ideas are the best ones to work on.
CEO @ FURE.Cab - Glorified office manager with a red stapler.

Rudy Ferraz is no newcomer to the rideshare industry – in fact, he made his first foray into the taxi world in 1996 with his first startup – His first startup was “a wireless network of video screens in cabs”, with his two partners Jason M. & Anthony P., while all three worked for a well-known staffing company in NYC to make ends meet. Which lead him to invent the infotainment screens & components we see today, in the back seat of taxi cabs globally.

Prior to his first startup and after the Dotcom bust in 2000, Rudy focused his efforts on his IT Consulting business by securing major contracts with JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, IRS, WLRK, Bloomberg, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. His consulting business provided various levels of human capital management to high-definition network engineering and software support using blue chip tools from A to Z.

These contracts helped fund his next set of side startups like:

  • Pigeon- Micro Bluetooth tracker for vehicle parts
  • vPing- Bluetooth Vehicle Analytics tracker
  • LEVE- Home/ Car Smart Bluetooth charger
  • BoksKAR- Vehicle subscription service
  • BokSEAT- Delivery service marketplace
  • 3rd Party payment service

Today, with his 30+ years of experience, Rudy is an accomplished entrepreneur, explorer, photographer, creative, and speaker. Rudy Ferraz was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in the 1960s. He lived in Rio with his mother and father in the same city they met, where his father was a young entrepreneur, and his mother was a university student and bank teller.

At one and half years old, the family left for NYC to pursue the American Dream. Once the family landed, the American dream just started, finding a place to stay on day one. Having found a place, Rudy remembers the Broadway theater sign from below flashing every night in his bed. Having grown up for most of his childhood in Brooklyn and later moved to Staten Island to live there for most of his teenage and young adult years. Traveling throughout the years to settling down into the simple family life here in Easton PA.

His next startup is a culmination of 4 years of building the next advancement in rideshare technology. From 24 years ago of having, “a single video ad shown on multiple platforms at the same time”. Today, having built a platform that will change how we travel from A to B.

FURE.Cab | Where the world gets FREE rides.™

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